Female Integrated Training (FIT)

Shantala Boss specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy with children, teens and adults.  She aims to help clients achieve optimal success through reframing incorrect belief and thought patterns.  Shantala is teaming up with D1 Sports Training to offer group sessions, which will include 45 minutes of personal training with a certified group trainer, followed by a 45-minute CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) group lead by Shantala Boss.  Studies have proven that exercise is directly linked to mental wellness. When CBT is combined with physical exercise, positive results are guaranteed. Current groups will be targeted for young women. The group focus is to build self-confidence, increase fitness, decrease anxiety, and develop a better sense of individuality with the help and support of like-minded peers. All groups will be followed up with a personal fitness plan and personal growth plan for the week, and a membership to a closed Facebook group to continue the conversation and motivation throughout the week. If you would like to be a part of this group, please complete the participation survey below.