V Day or Me Day?

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  I was listening to the radio this morning about how many people hate this holiday.  Why hate it?  What is there to hate?  If we are celebrating love, why not celebrate self love?  Do we have to expect that love from someone else?  Wouldn’t we be happier if we removed these expectations from those around us and learned how to love ourselves?

Interestingly enough, I saw an advertisement today in the window at Victoria’s Secret.  It had the V crossed out in “V Day” and instead said: “Me Day.”  Maybe this high priced lingerie shop is high priced for a reason!  They know how to advertise!  Maybe we need to focus on self care more and how to better meet our own needs instead of expecting it from someone else.  If we are really able to do this, we can then be the best partner and/or friend to those around us.