Our Journey


So today is my first blog post! I am excited to begin this journey with my readers, and I hope that I can share some insights I have uncovered and continue to ponder.

This week I was informed that a childhood friend had passed away suddenly. He was young, early 30s, leaving a wife and family behind. Often, we are jolted to reality with a death or a sudden loss. It seems so easy to get caught up in the end goal of our journey of life, that we often forget to enjoy any of it. Then, before we know it, the journey is over. Maybe we have the car, the house, the money. Maybe we don’t. In the end, what really matters?

I want to learn to be more present. I want to learn to be able to sit with myself, my feelings, my thoughts and my emotions and learn from them, engage them, and experience them. Today I had to help tell a young man that his father had passed away by suicide. How do you tell someone that? How do you feel what they could possibly be feeling? How do you engage in that kind of pain? The only way is to be present, to listen, to breathe, to feel and to stop pushing any feeling of pain out of our minds because it is too difficult. The only way we can grow and learn and be present for others, is to learn to feel.

We live in a world where everything around us pushes us to distraction. It almost seems the end goal is not to feel, not to be present, to push through to the next level and keep striving for more. When is enough enough? What matters most to you right now in your life? If it all were to be taken away tomorrow, what face would you want to see last? What message would you want sent for you? Remember what matters most. In the end, it is the only thing that matters at all.